About me

I'm A WordPress Developer, Consultant & Tutor

My name is William Patton, I’m a WordPress Developer, Consultant and Tutor based in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

I’m the founder of NinjaWebz and the Owner of PattonWebz – my WordPress Development Company.

I’ve spent almost a decade running WordPress, 6 years building and developing WordPress sites and 2 years building and tweaking the NinjaWebz Infrastructure to be as fast, solid and secure as possible while still bearing in mind the cost of running and maintenance.

If you want a fast, secure site manged by a WordPress expert then NinjaWebz is the place to be.

Timely Support

Get support for your site from a WordPress expert.

Innovative Ideas

HelpĀ developing ideas and integrating them with your site.

Advanced Technology

I’ve invested a lot of time learning Web Server Administration.

Clear Communication

Clear communication and ways to reach me from the get go.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can!