About The NinjaWebz Project

Poor Performance on the Web is a Problem we can Tackle

The NinjaWebz Story

The entire NinjaWebz hosting infrastructure was built by myself to the same specifications that I wanted my hosting company to build towards. It’s got features to aid developers and systems to help ensure end users get your site delivered to them quickly, in an already optimized state.

Every part of NinjaWebz was built to be used in combination with other parts of the system and as such it’s highly tweaked so that it all works well together.

  • Time Saved From Having Your Server Managed 95%
  • Cache Hits 80%
  • Time Spent Waiting On Caching Layers 10%

Timely Support

I’m available right on the other end of an Email.

Innovative Ideas

Try things and experiment with ideas.

Advanced Technology

Take advantage of up-to-date hosting technology.

Clear Communication

I’ll fully explain every little detail if you want.

Recent Blog Posts

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