Not Just A Service, It's An Infrastructure

NinjaWebz is built from the ground up to take care of all of your WordPress needs in one place – while making sure that the resulting product performs to it’s MAX.

Smart Businesses Know Their Customers

Find out exactly who your customers are, what they are interested in and how they browse and use your site. Make sure that you’re gathering Analytics data and sending it to a tracking server.

Site Performance Matters

For every 100ms a page takes to load Google loose 20% of their traffic. Google also uses pagespeed as a ranking factor to determine where your site places in the Search Results when people search so faster sites = more traffic and conversions.

Lighting Fast Hosting

Your site will load faster thanks to a whole cluster of servers that jump every time your site is requested.

Developer Friendly

One-click Staging or Deploy, Git access to manage your codebase and you can even push directly to staging/production if you want.

Analyzed and Optimized

Measure, Track & Test your performance then improve your site’s Search Engine Rankings and Conversion Rates.

The NinjaWebz Philosophy

NinjaWebz is the Brainchild of me, William Patton. It was started with the idea that performance on the web has an impact on us all and that improving the speed and performance of the web as a whole is in everyone’s benefit.

All the power of a custom built hosting system. None of the hassle.

The NinjaWebz system is comprised of a Production environment and a Staging environment. Production is tweaked for performance and Staging has tools installed to aid developers.

30 Day Free Trial


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Try a 30 day risk-free trial hosting account with NinjaWebz. If you don’t like it cancel at any time.

Off The Shelf Products. Tweaked For Performance

Every Part of the NinjaWebz Infrastructure Has Been Chosen To Be The Best Fit For Your Needs

Get Informed About Performance Issues

Receive a FREE ebook & course about online performance issues and how they affect your business just for signing up. Plus every subscriber will be contacted and given a one-on-one consultation and offered performance advice tailored to their own site. I’ll even help you implement the improvements too if you want.

See How Much Faster Your Site Could Be

  • Find Your Biggest Performance Problems
  • See How Fixing Them Could Help
  • Check Your Site Speed With WP Engine Hosting

Find Actionable Advice In Your Analytics Package

  • Start Tracking Goals & Measuring ROI
  • Find Leaks In Your Customer Funnel

Marketing & Lead Capture Advice

  • How To Maximize The Value Of Your Marketing
  • Ways To Capture Leads On Your Site

Infrastructure Model

Making sites fast while  keeping them backed-up, updated and secure all the while being being being developer friendly. That was the hosting system that I needed and it’s the idea I used when I started building the infrastructure.

Starting with servers that use exclusively SSD disks located in well connected datacenters and using hardware and virtualization that allows easy scalability as the core of the system. On top of that is a collection of open source and custom written software to power things under the hood.

The Basics

Everything you could need to host a WordPress based business is included with every account.

  • Hosting on a highly optimized server.
  • Redundant DNS with branded nameservers.
  • POP/IMAP Email with Webmail as backup.
  • A CDN hostname to serve static resources from.

Plus access to developer features like the Staging Area, Git deploy and SSH access. 

Performance Package

Larger cache sizes, multiple CDN hosts, a front-end caching proxy and several hours of pro-active monitoring and tweaking of your site every month makes sure that your site runs fast and stays fast.

I’ll identify any potential performance problems early and eliminate them before they become an issue.